Saturday, February 22, 2014

MARGARITA TRUFFLES: National Margarita Day

Today is National Margarita Day! Glad it's Saturday. I've posted recipes for Chocolate Margaritas, but here's a fab and easy recipe for Margarita Truffles. Eat your Margarita!


1 cup heavy cream
12 ounces white chocolate, chopped  (I use Guittard chocolate)
3 Tbsp Lime juice
1-1/2 Tbsp Tequila
1/2 Cup powdered sugar

13 Ounces White Chocolate, chopped
3 Tablespoons Vegetable Shortening
Sea salt

In saucepan over medium heat, warm cream until small bubbles appear along edges.
Put white chocolate in food processor. Pour hot cream over white chocolate and allow to sit for 15 seconds. With pusher in place, process until smooth. Add Tequila and lime juice and mix briefly.
Pour mixture into shallow pan, lined with plastic wrap, cover with plastic wrap and chill until very firm, about 3 hours.
Put powdered sugar in shallow bowl.
Using plastic wrap lift ganache mixture from pan.
With small melon baller or spoon take about an inch and roll into ball. Then roll ball in powderd sugar and place on wax paper lined cookie sheet. Freeze about 30 minutes.
Meanwhile melt white chocolate and shortening in top of double boiler (or sauce an over second saucepan over simmering water).
Remove truffles from freezer.
Dip each truffle in white chocolate and place on a waxed paper lined cookie sheet.
Chill about 15 minutes.
Dip each truffle a second time in the white chocolate.
Sprinkle top of each with just 2-3 grains of sea salt. 
Chill until firm.
Remove from refrigerator 30 minutes before serving.

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