Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Costco All American Chocolate Cake: Perfect Birthday Cake

So today's my sister's birthday, and you'd think I would have baked a cake. No, and "I knew she was coming, but..."

Two years ago, the clan gathered in Bodega Bay, and I had way too many things to do to get ready for the onslaught, so I bought my favorite Chocolate Cake that would feed the crowd. This year we're having a smaller group. Although I opted for this cake, some of the non-chocolate folks wanted lemon? Really?? Now, I do like Lemon Cake, but what's a birthday without chocolate cake?  So I thought I'd revisit this chocolate cake virtually in this post. Costco All American Chocolate Cake. It's my cake of choice for large parties.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's ever tasted the fabulous Costco All American Chocolate Cake. It's huge! It's delicious! It's a deep dark chocolate four layer cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. 7 pounds of heaven! Yes, it really is 7 pounds  (the mystery: if you eat it all, you'll gain 20!). This cake also freezes very well, in case you have room in your freezer for this gigantic cake--for emergency parties. Actually I've been told that many restaurants buy the Costco All American Chocolate Cake, slice it thin, and serve it with raspberry or strawberry sauce. Really. Of course these restaurants don't employ any of my pastry chef friends. The restaurants probably charge a fortune, too, per slice. The Costco All American Chocolate Cake is a real deal at $16.99.

If you want to get fancy (or fancier) with the cake (it's already decorated with beautiful frosting with chocolate curls down the sides) freeze or chill the cake in order to cut the slices really thin. Makes it easier to cut. Then drizzle with raspberry sauce! But if you're like me, fresh is the way to go. Use a good cake slicer. As I said this is a mile high cake. Add candles, and it's the perfect birthday cake!

Happy Birthday, Judie!


Anonymous said...

Yup! she's a lucky girl - what a GORGEOUS cake!!
Mary x

Harbinger said...

I don't know how I've gotten through so many Costco visits without buying this. I'll have to remedy that!