Friday, February 15, 2013

Marshmallow No-Cook Frosting: Karo Syrup Retro Ad

I meant to post this fabulous 1950s Retro Karo Syrup Ad for No-Cook Frosting earlier this week for Mardi Gras! Karo Syrup is corn syrup, and it came (still comes) in three kinds: Dark (Blue Label), Light (Red Label) and Maple-y (Green Label).

Karo Syrup was a staple in my mother's kitchen, and I always have a bottle on my shelf. It's perfect for pecan pies! Karo is a brand of corn syrup, created by the Corn Products Refining Company in 1902. Karo was the first conveniently packaged corn syrup for home cooking. It's used in cooking and baking, and it's not as sweet as other syrups.

But I really like this recipe because it uses Karo Syrup to make Frosting. There's even a chocolate frosting variation.


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