Sunday, January 6, 2013

National Shortbread Day: Scottie Dogs with Chocolate Muddy Boots

Today is National Shortbread Day, so I thought I'd revisit a previous post. Last year Walkers introduced Shortbread Scottie Dogs at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. I love Walker's pure butter Shortbread, and I'm a sucker for dog shapes. These Scotties are definitely BEST IN SHOW!

It's raining today, and my own pup, a Golden Retriever, came in with 'muddy boots', so I thought it would be fun to dip these Scottie dogs in Chocolate. I used milk chocolate to be more 'mud-like'. Apologies for the photo.. I didn't shake the cookies off after I dipped them. That would have shown the shape better, but they still taste wonderful! And, these Scottie Dogs don't need to be walked in the rain!

Walkers Shortbread Scottie Dogs with Muddy Boots

4 squares of Guittard baking milk chocolate
a bit of sweet butter

Melt chocolate and butter together in top of double boiler or saucepan over saucepan with simmering water. Stir so it doesn't seize.
Dip Shortbread Scottie dogs in 'mud'. Remember that Scotties are low to the ground, so dip as low as you like. Be more professional than I was, and shake the excess chocolate from the shortbread cookie.
Put chocolate covered Scotties on parchment and place in refrigerator for 30 minutes to harden.

You can also dip in chocolate and roll in chopped nuts. You know dogs-- they pick up 'debris.' 

Want to make your own shortbread? Check out this recipe for Chocolate Shortbread Fingers.

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Laura Benedict said...

Janet, I LOVE this idea. I bought the holiday shapes Walker's this year--several boxes, but they're all gone, now. Next time my FIL is in town, I will do this with the Scottie Dogs. We both enjoy Walker's and chocolate.

Unfortunately, I've gotten out of the habit of making shortbread because Walker's is so tasty--and available.