Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chocolate Train: World's Longest Chocolate Structure

Here's one for Chocolate and Train Enthusiasts: A detailed steam-powered train--the World's Longest Chocolate Structure made of 2755 pounds of Belgian chocolate and 111.5 feet in length. This was made by Maltese master chocolatier Andrew Farrugia and unveiled at Brussels Chocolate Week!

Farrugia spent more than 700 hours on the sculpture. He decided to create the chocolate train after visiting the Belgian Chocolate Festival in Bruge last year.

"I had this idea for a while, and I said what do you think if we do this realization of a long chocolate train, you know, because a train you can make it as long as you like," Farrugia said. "Actually it was going to be much smaller than it was, but I kept on adding another wagon, and another wagon, and it's the size it is today."

The train's components include seven wagons modeled after modern Belgian trains. The remaining trains recall Belgium's older train wagons including one with a bar and restaurant.

Most of the structure was constructed in Farrugia's home country, but the world record almost wasn't -- many pieces were damaged in transit to Brussels. Farrugia managed to reconstruct the trouble spots in time for the train's debut.

Guinness officials said they measured the train and ensured no materials other than chocolate were used in its construction before certifying it as the record holder in the new longest chocolate structure category.

Sources: UPI, Huffington Post


Janet A said...

This is unreal. The details are really something.

Thomas said...

That really is impressive, absolutely amazing. I bet it smells and tastes great. I Dreamt about things like that when I was a lad.