Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Oreo! Oreo Recipe Round-Up

Oreo Ad: 1960
Today is the 100th anniversary of Oreo Cookies, and my friend Louise over at Months of Edible Celebrations has a Centennial Celebration and round-up of Oreo recipes from all over the Web.  Be sure and pop on over.

The Oreo is America's Favorite Cookie! This cookie debuted on March 6, 1912 by the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco, now owned  by Kraft). The original Oreo was packaged as a Trio: the Mother Goose, the Veronese, and the Oreo Biscuit. Oreo was the most popular, and soon was a stand-alone, well as far as cookies go, because you always need milk with Oreos!

In 1921, Nabisco dropped 'Biscuit' from the name and called it 'Oreo Sandwich'. In 1948 it was called the 'Oreo Creme Sandwich' and today it's marketed as the Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie.  Over the years there have been many variations -- Mini Oreos, Double Delight,  Triple stuffed, Lemon-Cream, Chocolate Covered Mint Oreos, Halloween Oreos--even Oreo O's Cereal made by Post. For  a much more complete and terrific history of Oreos go to Months of Edible Celebrations 2008 post. For those who are interested in cookie history, the Hydrox chocolate sandwich cookie predated Oreos by four years. Read more here.

So how do you eat your Oreos? Do you dunk them? Do you open them and lick the filling and then eat the cookies? 

Over the years (not 100 years!), I've posted several recipes for Oreo-based tasty treats. Here's a round-up with an additional easy recipe for Oreo Truffles. This Oreo Truffle recipe is from the source: Kraft. You'll find similar recipes all over the Internet. This is so easy, and you'll only need Three Ingredients: Oreos, Cream Cheese and Chocolate. Yum! I substitute fair trade organic dark chocolate for the Baker's, but if you don't have any, Baker's is fine.

Photo: Kraft

1 pkg. (8 oz.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened
1 pkg. (15.5 oz.) OREO Cookies, finely crushed (about 4-1/4 cups), divided
2 pkg. (8 squares each) BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Chocolate, melted

MIX cream cheese and 3 cups cookie crumbs until well blended.
SHAPE into 48 (1-inch) balls. Dip in melted chocolate; place on waxed paper-covered baking sheet. Sprinkle with remaining cookie crumbs.
REFRIGERATE 1 hour or until firm. Store in tightly covered container in refrigerator.

Hint: for Dipping, use two forks to make it easier (and less messy) or a special dipping utensil you can find online or at a kitchen store. I melt chocolate in a double boiler, but if you're careful, you can melt it in the microwave. Go back through some of my other truffle recipes for more hints and tips.

And here's the promised Oreo Recipe Round-Up from I'm sure there were more, but this was a quick search. Check out Months of Edible Celebrations' post today for more recipes from around the Web.

Oreo Ad: 1962
I also love the Oreo Cake Pan from Williams Sonoma. And, be sure and go to the end of this post to see a photo of an Oreo Wedding Cake and an Oreo elevator Ad.


Chocolate Covered Deep Fried Triple Double Oreos 

Oreo Tempura (but I like the other one above better)
Chocolate Peppermint Pie with Peppermint Oreo Crust 
Oreo Cheesecake
Oreo Crust for Pumpkin Cheesecake (using Halloween Oreos)

Homemade Oreos

Oreo Wedding Cake

Oreo Elevator Ad
Have an Oreo Today! Happy Birthday, Oreo!


Barbara Bakes said...

We love Oreos at our house. What a great collection of Oreo recipes. 100 years - that's pretty impressive!

My Recent Favorite Books said...

Your post is so interesting!!
I love Oreos..and would love to eat them more often! =D

~~louise~~ said...

Absolutely terrific round-up, Janet. That Oreo Cake is amazing!!!

Thank you so much for revealing the truffle recipe. I've been talking about Oreos around here for days now and Marion is in need of something Oreo-ie, lol...

yummychunklet said...

I personally like the vanilla Oreos!

Janet Rudolph said...

I've never had the Vanilla Oreos. Soon to be rectified.

Carole said...

Nice blog. You might be interested in a post I did on my current favorite kitchen utensil - a jar key.

Hallie Ephron said...

I haven't bough Oreo cookies for SO many years but I used to love them. I know this isn't a question for a chocaloholic, but what happened to raisin sandwich cookies? (Or "fly pies" as the Brits call them.) Nabisco AND Keebler stopped making them the same year and I am still in withdrawal. But obviously not everyone is...maybe that's why they stopped making them. Sob.

Janet Rudolph said...

Hallie, those raisin sandwich cookies were my Dad's favorites. They were our dessert many times. I'll see what I can discover..

Anonymous said...

Oreo cookies! Wow. Thank you for the recipes and the information and the pictures!

You made my day!

The best photo is the Oreo in the glass of milk elevator.


Gloria Baker said...

My kids love oreos this post is yummy!!!!

easy recipes said...

You can scoop out the white filling and make ice cream sandwiches.

Janet Rudolph said...

What a fabulous idea!