Thursday, November 17, 2011

World's Most Expensive Chocolates

News of the world's most expensive chocolates...or at least in the U.K:  If you're looking for a gift for the chocoholic who has everything, you'll want to make it to Harrods where they are selling a box of truffles flaked with real gold for £190. I do love Harrods Food Hall, so if I were in London this holiday season, I would at least check out these Truffles. They are available online, but seeing them 'in person' would be fun!

According to Harrod's, each truffle is crafted to an 'award-winning, secret recipe', filled with champagne and topped with flakes of edible 24-carat gold. The 63 per cent Toscano Black cocoa that goes into the chocolate is sourced from a minuscule artisan chocolatier based on the outskirts of historic Pisa, Italy, and each bean is ground down using a traditional granite stone mill. The resulting chocolate was judged by the Academy of Chocolate as officially the best in the world.

Now here's where the real cost comes in: The trufffles are sold in a handcrafted box encrusted inside and out with hundreds of 450 Swarovski crystals.

Available online at and at Harrods, the £190 Boutique Box contains 15 chocolates, but shoppers will also be able to buy just one chocolate, encased in its own individual crystal box. As if....

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Although they sound lovely, and I'm sure they're delicious, I tasted some mighty fine chocolates and truffles last weekend at the San Francisco Luxury Chocolate Salon. Delicious and easier on my wallet!


Kelly @ Foodie Fiasco said...

Oh my gosh! I mean, I love chocolate and everything, but my wallet would hurt after that. ;)

Janet Rudolph said...

Yes, and there are so many fabulous chocolates for so much less..

Catherine said...

Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing! Gold-flaked chocolate is definitely a novelty, in my book. I doubt that it is more delicious than other excellent chocolates. I have a weak spot for chocolatiers in the St Germain area of Paris. See my article

Janet Rudolph said...

Next time I'm in Paris... :-)

Ashley Collie said...

Too true, Janet. Even Trader Joes has fab chocolate at great prices! All sorts of dark wonders and their box of chocolate truffles, and their dark choco peanut butter cups. Mmmmmm! Cheers!