Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall San Francisco Luxury Chocolate Salon Awards

I attended the Fall San Francisco Luxury Chocolate Salon Sunday, and it was yet another wonderful experience. So many new chocolate companies, chocolate flavors, chocolate truffles, chocolate toffee, chocolate bars! Oh my! The creativity in the world of chocolate is boundless. I plan to do a review of the Chocolate Salon soon, but in the meantime, I thought I'd post some of the Award Winners.

Following are the Gold Winners. For Silver and Bronze, go HERE.
Best Dark Chocolate: Amano Artisan Chocolate
Best Milk Chocolate: Amano Artisan Chocolate, The TeaRoom Chocolate Company
Best Truffle Jade Chocolates, Sixthcourse Artisan Confections
Top Artisan Chocolatier:  Amano Artisan Chocolate
Most Delicious Ingredient Combinations:  Au Coeur Des Chocolats
Most Artistic Designs:  Sterling Truffle Bar
Best Gift Set:  Saratoga Chocolates, Seattle Chocolate Company
Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience:  CocoTutti, Nicole Lee Fine Chocolates
Best Traditional Chocolates:  Seattle Chocolate Company
Best Flavored Chocolate:  Jade Chocolates
Best Dark Chocolate Bar:  Amano Artisan Chocolate
Best Milk Chocolate Bar:  Amano Artisan Chocolate, Jade Chocolates, Victoria Chocolatier
Best Flavored Chocolate Bar:  Jade Chocolates
Best in Salon:  Amano Artisan Chocolate, Sixthcourse Artisan Confections
Best Caramels:  CocoTutti, MDP Signature Chocolates
Top Toffee in Salon:  Toffee Talk
Best Presentation & Packaging:  Au Coeur Des Chocolats, Jade Chocolates, Saratoga Chocolates
Best Organic or Fair Trade Products:  Dandelion Chocolate
Most Gifted Chocolatier/Chocolate Maker:  Amano Artisan Chocolate
Best Comfort Chocolate or Snack Product:  Permano, Toffeeology
New Product Award:  Butterfly Brittle,  CocoTutti, Dandelion Chocolate


Gabi said...

What a lucky girl to be able to go to shows like this! I would drool all over the exhibits. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am excited to read through yours here.

Mason Canyon said...

Now that sounds like a fun conference, especially if there was tasting involved. Who knew there were so many flavors of chocolate, WOW.

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Janet Rudolph said...

Even luckier, Gabi, I am a Judge. Someone has to do it!

SusiQ said...

Tell me, how does a chocolate judge cleanse one's palate?

Janet Rudolph said...

Good question, susi. Crackers help.. water....but that's just me. There is wine at the Chocolate Salons, so that's good, too. In the past, chocolate was sent to the judges, so you had more time to judge--and the palette was clearer, but I still think I'm in a good position to know what I like, and that's what it's all about :-)

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