Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Chocolate & Roses: Vosges Le Chocolat en Rose

Mother's Day can be a lot like Valentine's Day with Roses, Chocolate and Champagne. Now Vosges, noted for its great chocolates and famous Mo's Bacon Bar, offers up Roses, Chocolate and Champagne in one delicious truffle, Le Chococolat en Rose. Perfect for Spring, perfect for Mother's Day.

Le Chocolat en Rose truffle is composed of Piper Heidsieck brut rose Champagne in 65% cacao dark chocolate, rolled in fragrant rose bud poudre. (powder). Specific ingredients: Dark Chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin (soy)-an emulsifier, vanilla), organic cream, Champagne, sugar (powdered), rose blossoms, rose water.

I must admit I was skeptical. I'd already blogged about Champagne Truffles, but a champagne truffle rolled in rose bud powder? Surprisingly I found it enchanting. Certainly unique, with a long aftertaste, but in a good way. These truffles have a very concentrated flavor. They're very rich. Anyway, this was my initial reaction. However, the Chocolate en Rose Truffle box included directions on the best way to consume these truffles. Since I had overlooked them in my hurry to taste these unique truffles (with a limited shelf life as with most good chocolate truffles),  I felt I should at least give the instructions a try:

Remove a truffle carefully from the box, taking care to preserve the coveted rose bud-layered surface. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths and center your mind. Bring your nose to the facade of the truffle as you inhale. Do you sense the lush aromatics of the rose masking rich cacao? Take a small bite, let the texture of rose buds coat your tongue. A touch of pink Champagne appears, with notes of cherry and plum. Take another breath, allowing the scent to permeate your palate through the back of your throat. Let the quiet seduction of the rose guide your sensory experience.

A bit flowery, but it works. As I've said about chocolate tasting, it's all about the experience. Chocolate Tasting is a lot like wine tasting, only better---it's all about chocolate!

Each Vosges haut Chocolat box also contains a story, and I'm always a sucker for a good story. Le Chocolat en Rose Truffle story:

Throughout the Balkans, Peria and India, the rose is cherished for its delicate parfum. The mystique of the rose can be traced to one of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, built by the Chaldean King Nebuchadnezzar II around 600 BC.  He was reported to have constructed the gardens to please his sick wife, Amytis of Media, who longed for the botanicals and fragrant roses of her homeland Persia. Persians, Greeks and Romans used roses as currency, toting them as they traveled, and spawning the popularity of the rose throughout the Mediterranean. Roses enjoyed a second renaissance in the early 1800s, when Empress Josephine (wife of Napoleon I) endeavored to grow every known variety of rose in her garden. This seed led to France emerging as the current leading grower and exporter of roses. 

I have over 120 rose bushes in my garden, so, of course, I needed to taste Le Chocolat en Rose. I usually dry some of my roses, usually for the petals. Wonder if I can create a truffle like this? Probably not. I'll leave it to the experts--Vosges!

Want another rose experience for Mother's Day? Check out Laura's Best Recipes for Candied Roses for Mother's Day & Dark Chocolate Sorbet. They're both great recipes.

We've all seen Chocolate Roses for sale, and that's always an option, but you can also make your own Chocolate Roses. Here's a link to a Recipe and instructions with video from Elizabeth LaBau on But, if you plan to make these to give on Mother's Day, you better get started! As always, use the very best chocolate.

As for me, I'll just buy a box of Vosges' Le Chocolate en Rose Truffles. They're the perfect gift because they include my favorite things--Great Chocolate, Champagne and Roses!!

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