Monday, April 19, 2010

New Chocolate Salons

Following on the heels of the Famous and Fabulous San Francisco Chocolate Salon, Taste TV and Chocolate Television announce the rest of their 2010 Line-up.

Included are two new more Intimate Chocolate Salons: one in Napa and another in San Francisco. All this adds up to more chocolate!

So for your tasting enjoyment, the following is the calendar of current Chocolate Salons scheduled for the rest of 2010.
NEW: 1) Napa Luxury Chocolate Salon
June 6th, 2010; Yountville
A small, intimate tasting event in Wine Country

2) Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon: July 11th, 2010
3rd Annual

3) Los Angeles Luxury Chocolate Salon: October 10, 2010
4th Annual

NEW: 4) San Francisco Fall Luxury Chocolate Salon: November 14, 2010
A smaller, seasonal version of the SF International Chocolate Salon (info to come)

Discover, taste and savor the finest in artisan, gourmet and premium chocolates & confections!

CHOCOLATE TELEVISION on Hulu: Watch the weekly TV program and on Comcast on Demand, see TasteTV chocolate episodes and reviews now airing on NBC/FOX TV's HULU website, one of the most popular video site in the world. To view, go to Chocolate Television:

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