Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chocolate Easter Eggs

I posted about Chocolate Bunnies, but Chocolate Easter Eggs are just as popular. Some are filled, some are hollow, some have vignetttes inside, some are solid. Since we know that chocolate is good for the heart--a small piece of chocolate every day reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes--then a small Chocolate Easter Egg--or a bite of a larger one--is a great way to take your medicine. These must be dark chocolate eggs to get the full effect. So enjoy your Chocolate Easter Eggs guilt-free.

I mentioned before that I have a large wooden Easter Rabbit in my living room. Well I also have a large paper mache Easter Chick, just ready to be surrounded by Chocolate Easter Eggs.

A little goes a long way, but check out these Enormous Chocolate Eggs from Tim Fonseca at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston.

There are the traditional Chocolate Easter eggs from See's, (Check out the Making of a See's Chocolate Egg on the YumSugar blogGhirardelli and Cadbury (the original creme egg)* I love caramel filled eggs--and I'm a big fan of coconut.  ..  Some are big, some small, some decorated, some plain. 

Valrhona is one of my favorite chocolates, and this year they have their solid dark and milk chocolate eggs. The milk chocolate Tanariva (33%) gives sweet notes of caramel, and the milk chocolate Gianduja has subtle flavors of hazelnut. The dark chocolate eggs have either a juicy raspberry or Manjari (64%) (dark bitter chocolate) center.

Recchiuti Chocolate has some beautiful Chocolate Eggs that I will be eating this Sunday. They have a shell of dark chocolate that surrounds a silky center of Force Noir (dark chocolate ganache. Each piece is made and decorated by hand).

Divine Easter Eggs. 100% fair trade. Available in Milk chocolate, Dark Chocolate and new Speckled varieties. Mini-Eggs (great for Easter Egg Hunts)

There are so many delicious Chocolate Easter Eggs out there, but maybe you want to make your own Chocolate Easter Eggs.

There's a great Recipe for Chocolate Easter Eggs by Elizabeth LaBau on Easy, and no candy thermometers. These are beautiful flowered Easter eggs that have a chocolate-walnut filling and a deep, dark chocolate coating. Of course how you decorate is up to you. I'm o.k. with undecorated if you're making these yourself.

Want to make another variety of Chocolate Easter Egg? Chef Mariajane posts another easy recipe for Chocolate Easter Eggs using sweetened condensed milk on RecipeZaar. Go HERE

Hunting Eggs in the Bay Area this weekend? Here's a list of locations. Alas, they won't all be Chocolate.

Addendum: It occurred to me when I was posting Chocolate Easter Egg info to my blog that I forgot to mention the Teuscher Beverly Hills Easter Bunny Scavenger Hunt when I blogged about Chocolate Bunnies. It's not too late to join in the fun! Go HERE for more information.

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