Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lucy in the Chocolate Factory

I love tours of chocolate factories. My first was as a child at the Hershey Factory in Hershey, PA. As I recall there were open vats. No one fell in, but I didn't think Willie Wonky when it came along was much of a stretch. My company TeamBuilding Unlimited does chocolate tours, as well as lots of chocolate teambuilding. Our latest chocolate teambuilding event is truffle making.

Although Lucy only wraps the chocolates in this clip, it's still one of the funniest chocolate moments on TV.

Lucy in the Chocolate Factory.


Mason Canyon said...

Mention chocolate factories and Lucy is always going to come to mind. Gotta love it. A chocolate lovers dream.

Just finished making a pan of homemade fudge from scratch, thought of your blog as soon as I sit down at the computer.

paul levine said...

I grew up in central PA and remember the aroma walking into the Hershey factory. Yum. I was way too young to know anything about finer chocolates, then, so Hershey's was the best.

Janet Rudolph said...

Me, too, Paul. We lived in Philadelphia, but my aunt lived in Harrisburg so sometimes we went to Hershey. Loved the smell, the vats, and the chocolate.