Thursday, January 28, 2010

Green & Black's to go 100% Fairtrade

The Guardian U.K. reported today that Green & Black's will be 100% Fairtrade by the end of 2011. This will make Green & Black's the world's leading manufacturer of organic Fairtrade chocolate. I find this great news, both for the environment, people, and my personal chocolate pleasure, as I really love Green & Black's chocolate.

Organic chocolate maker Green & Black's today pledged to switch its entire worldwide food and beverage range to Fairtrade by the end of next year, so it's much more than chocolate.

And, here's a piece of information I didn't realize. The company's Maya Gold chocolate was the first official Fairtrade product to go on sale in Britain 15 years ago. Its extended range of chocolate bar and beverage products in the UK will start to carry the distinctive blue and green Fairtrade logo from late 2010, and it is hoped that full conversion of the entire chocolate bar and beverage range in more than 30 countries will be achieved by the end of 2011.

Go, Green & Black's. And, yes, I know that G&B is a subsidiary of Cadbury, but the company has always been pioneers of fairtrade in the U.K. which they've been able to do with the big company backing.

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