Friday, January 1, 2010

Chocolate Sampler: News & Events for the New Year

Chocolate Sampler: A Random Round-up of Chocolate News & Events

id you know that theobromine, one of the key ingredients in chocolate, is nearly a third more effective in stopping persistent coughs than the leading codeine medicine. And, there are fewer side effects than the conventional treatment... and you're not drowsy. To read the whole story, go HERE.
Chocolate and its Effect on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients. This article in discusses the potential benefits of dark chocolate on chronic fatigue patients, as well as other benefits.

Evidence of America's Oldest Chocolate Found in St. Augustine, Florida: Chocolate whip found. Read the entire story at Blog About History.

Soaring cocoa prices, at 30-year peaks, could drive confectioners toward milk chocolate from healthier dark chocolate, and to downsize bars and use cheaper alternative ingredients. Yikes! Read the story here.

Chocolate Events and Travel

A Journey to the Origin of Wild Cacao, January 5-10, 2010. Bolivia. Has been postponed until 2011. Gives you plenty of time to plan.

January 16: Chocoholic's Tour of San Francisco. 10:30-5. San Francisco, CA Tour Leader. Lisa Rogovin. Some of the chocolatiers on the tour: TCHO, Fog City News, Poco Dolce, Recchiuti, Neo coca, Coco Luxe.

January 17-19, 2010: Fancy Food Show. San Francisco. This show is filled with chocolate.. everything you can imagine. I'll be there to blog about it.

January 21-24, 2010: Shanghai Chocolate Show Shanghai Exhibition Center.

January 24: Santa Cruz 3rd Annual Chocolate Festival. 1-5 p,m. Cocoanut Grove Banquet & Conference Center

February 5-7: Carolina Chocolate Festival, Morehead City, NC. Chocolate Dinner 2/5. chocolate Festival 6-7.

Send news about your next chocolate event.


Cal Orey, Author-Intuitive said...

These are wonderful events for me to follow! Thanx so much Janet. Did you know my new book The Healing Powers of Chocolate -- all 12 ounces -- is now available at online bookstores?
Warning: Have chocolate on hand during a reading session!

Janet Rudolph said...

Hi, Cal, Glad to hear your book is out. Care to write a guest blog?

paul levine said...

This is the best news since sliced bread.....sliced chocolate/cherry bread.

Janet Rudolph said...

of course.. chocolate/cherry bread, my favorite