Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New York Chocolate Show

I really wish I could clone myself so I could have been at the 12th Annual New York Chocolate Show this past weekend. The next best thing, I guess, is reading all the blogs and watching all the videos.

Designed for the public, this event allows visitors to discover a lot about the world of chocolate. The Chocolate Show is for chocolate lovers of all ages. There's even a Kid's Corner. Included at the Show are demonstrations by top pastry chefs and chocolate makers, Chocolate Tastings (well...yeah), 65 top chocolate brands & booths (less than last year), cookbook store with author signings, and Haute Couture dresses and accessories made with chocolate.

In case you didn't go or didn't see the demos, if you did, Fine Cooking Live at the Chocolate Show has several videos. Go to their site to watch the demos that include Regional Chocolates of Italy (Maglio, De Bondt, and Gobino), Karen DeMasco, Locanda Verde making Chocolate Cake Doughnuts with Chocolate Crackle Glaze, Beth Kimmerle, Author and Candy Historian
Spooky Chocolate Halloween Treats, Jacques Torres and others.

Delish reported on the Chocolate Catwalk. Great photos of incredible chocolate 'costumes'

Speakeasy (Wall Street Journal) has a short video including a clip of Swedish chocolatier Hakan Martensson’s gothic sculptures that will last from 10-15 years. Not for eating.

Nikki Goldstein for Serious Eats New York does a 'serious' wrap-up.

Here's what people had to say:
Dessert Buzz
Paris Breakfasts
Epicurious on The Best of the 2009 Chocolate Show with three new favorites (including one of mine)

And there was Camel's Milk Chocolate from Dubai that I mentioned last Spring. Now, for sure, I should have been there.

Were you there? Love to hear what you think. Leave comments.

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Carl Weaver said...

I want to go to this show someday. Sounds like a great time! Our office is especially curious about the camel milk chocolates.