Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chocolate Milk May Reduce Inflammation

The New York Times reported today that chocolate milk--skim milk with flavonoid-rich cocoa--may reduce inflammation, potentially slowing or preventing development of atherosclerosis. Researchers noted, however, that the effect was not as pronounced as that seen with red wine.

So I guess I'll have a glass of chocolate milk at lunch and a glass of red wine in the evening, and cover my bases.

For the entire article about the Spanish study on chocolate milk, go HERE.

However, before you mix up that chocolate milk, have a look at Julie Deardorff's article in the Chicago Tribune on how to pick healthy chocolate. She writes, "But before you run out and stock up on the latest sugary drink to hit schools, remember that not all chocolate is created equal. It comes in many forms--cocoa powder, dark chocolate (bittersweet), milk and baking chocolate--and only certain types have shown to have benefits. Read the rest of the article here.

The benefits of chocolate milk isn't exactly new. James Madison University presented a study at the American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting that showed that lowfat chocolate milk provides muscle recovery equal and possibly even better than, high-carbohydrate recovery drinks with the same…amount of calories.

Well, yet. And, I'm not even going to go to the school chocolate milk controversy.

For a great Chocolate Milk recipe, go to my comments on National Chocolate Milk Day.

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