Monday, August 17, 2009

Rustic Taza Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I was directed to the Taza Chocolate Blog the other day, where there's an awesome recipe for Rustic Taza Chocolate Chunk Cookies. First I should say that Taza is not like other chocolate, so you must use Taza Chocolate in this recipe. Here's a link to my review of Taza Stone Ground Organic Chocolate.

So back to these unbelievable cookies! The Blog says the recipe is a version of one that ran in the NYT June 2008. It was adapted from Jacques Torres, but it's been honed into a Taza recipe.
It starts with tips, and I always appreciate that. You're never too old to learn.

1 Make sure all your wet ingredients are at room temperature.
2 Make sure butter is soft but not melted.
3 Take EXTRA time in creaming butter and sugar. After enough time, the mixture will change consistency and lighten dramatically. Wait until it happens before proceeding.
4 Don't overwork the dough
5 Let the dough rest at least 12 hours, and up to 72 hours. (this was very hard for me, since I like cookie dough, although I never eat it raw any more.. .well almost never. Maybe it only refers to commercial refrigerated dough?)

Recommended: 70% Dark Bar (Taza only). The blog also says not to be shy with the salt--and you can used flavored salt. Try different kinds with different batches. I did.

For the recipe, go here.

The final direction says, "Serve very warm, with milk, ice cream, stout or bourbon. How can you go wrong. As I said before, waiting the 12-72 hours is the hardest part. So in the meantime, eat some Taza Chocolate to hold you over!

Photo: Taza Blog

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