Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oreo Cheesecake

I follow lots of bakers, foodies, cooks and chefs on Twitter. Yesterday a link struck my fancy. I was at Food & Fizz, a great site for "food porn" with links to the blogs and websites. Food porn is not what you're thinking. Food porn refers to great photos of food.

The first photo on Food & Fizz was for an Oreo Cheesecake. Clicking the link I went to Stick to Your Hips. Now that's a very apt name for this blog. I spent some time on this site, but I was really impressed by my first click: the Oreo Cheesecake. Great and easy recipe. Good comments about cheesecake, in general. I love a good cheesecake, and I can't wait to make this one!

There was no email link for this blogger, so I wasn't able to ask permission to use the recipe and photo. I tried to post a comment, but it wouldn't post. Maybe it's Blogger, maybe it's me. Anyway, here's the link to: Oreo Cheesecake. You won't be sorry. Unless, of course, it Sticks to Your Hips!

Photo copyright: Sticks to Your Hips


Daryl Wood Gerber a.k.a. Avery Aames said...

Janet, this photo is awesome! Can't wait to click the link to the cake and get the recipe.

Avery Aames

Linda said...

THANKS for the great review!!

I don't know why my email doesn't show up, but I did get your comment. It's a great and easy recipe, I hope you love it, too!

I am SO glad you did leave a comment, because I LOVE, LOVE the idea of your blog. I'm a mystery fan of enormous proportions and can not wait to follow you and your mystery adventures through food!

Linda - Stick to Your Hips!

Janet Rudolph said...

Linda, my pleasure. I'll be making this recipe next week for a party. Need to get in a few more supplies. Love all your tips and photos, too.

Have a look at my other blog: Mystery Fanfare for mystery reviews, ideas and news

Janet A said...

Oh, I do hope I am the party you are bring this cheesecake to. If not, you better bring something really great.

See you Sunday for sure.

~~louise~~ said...

Don't you just LOVE uncovering new blogs and tempting recipes. I do have to do something about my lack of twitter skills:)

Thanks for sharing, Janet. Cheesecake & Oreos, oh my...

Janet Rudolph said...

No need to post on Twitter, but following people is fun. I still need to figure out how to refine Tweetdeck.