Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day: Chocolate is a Fighting Food: Vintage Chocolate Ads

I find a lot of Chocolate Advertisements in Life Magazine, and during WWII there were many. I've posted some before, but thought that today, being Memorial Day, I would repost these two from Nestle's."Chocolate is a Fighting Food."

Nestle's produced the D-ration chocolate that was sent to our infantry during WWII. "Chocolate supplies the greatest amount of nourishment in the smallest possible bulk. So wherever America fights, the Army uses chocolate in the form of emergency rations, selected because it contains so much quick energy."

Be sure and take time today to remember those who defended our country. 

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TESS said...

This was great! I like to read the old ads that were done in times past. This one made me hungry, but I didn't know if having a chocolate bar would make me go out and fight someone! (just kidding---only if they took away my chocolate bar!)