Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1-2-3 Fudge Sauce Retro Ad & Recipe

I really like Fudge Sauce on ice cream. This Retro Ad & Recipe for 1-2-3 Fudge Sauce is from Carnation Evaporated Milk, September 7, 1953. You can follow the recipe, or you can make your own. I just love these vintage ads, don't you? So here's a way to beat the heat! I would use 4 squares, of course.. and probably substitute some excellent artisan chocolate!


Lisa said...

I love fudge sauce! I'm going to try this recipe. Thanks!

Bobbi Mumm said...

I'm with Lisa on this. I'm definitely trying this!

~~louise~~ said...

Let's make that unanimous!

Thanks for sharing, Janet...

Debora said...

This was my Mom's hot fudge sauce as far back as I can remember (and since I was less than a year old when it came out, that is pretty much all my life). I still use it. She used it on ice cream (of course) for hot fudge sundaes and as a sauce drizzled over the Baker's German Chocolate Pound Cake recipe on the inside wrapper of that chocolate's package. I've volunteered the German Chocolate Pound Cake with 1-2-3 Sauce for our Christmas dinner. The pound cake recipe can be found at

Anonymous said...

There are so many vintage recipes that were 'normal' to generations born before 2000. With the mass production of packaged food and the fraudulent 'organic' movement... many of these vintage recipes are being lost to the ages.

If the generation of 'hipsters' born after 2000 would only know what it was like to grow up eating real food. I grew up where we had simple deserts every now and again after 'supper'. Yes, America used to call it 'supper' and not dinner. Cakes and such were for special occasions. Packaged food was a rarity. Most people cooked their food and rarely used a microwave oven.

The world has moved too fast since the new millennium. Yes, having to keep up with technology is hard to get used to but, it's harder to get used to food shaming. Our foods were never full of preservatives. That classic chocolate Duncan Hines cake with Hershey frosting isn't made the same as that chocolate cake people buy now. Cake mixes have so many preservatives in it for shelve life.

I'm truly glad to see folks actually enjoying real food. Sugar is not bad for you. It's the over indulgence our current age; meaning that the population has now been programmed to over indulge.

A plate of food or portion 20 years ago isn't the same as now. A plate of food from 40 years ago isn't the same as 20 years ago. If we ate like people did in the 40-70's, we all be thin and we would be absolutely delighted when a desert such as fudge icing would be served over simple vanilla ice cream. We would be contend with the simple ingredients as like your recipe shows. Now food has to have 101 ingredients and most of them are from different countries only found at Trader Joe's or something like that.

Thank you for sharing your recipe. Go ahead and enjoy life be eating real food, in moderation of course but, try it all and enjoy it all. I challenge everyone to stop buying premade fudge sauces full of ingredients we can't pronounce and get back to basics...and while I have your ear...grow a few of your own veggies in your backyard too. :O)

Cheers ~Emma