Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chocolate Mint Geranium: Chocolate Scented Garden

About a month ago, I had a blog entry devoted to the Chocolate Scented Garden.

Today I found a great Geranium Blog and specifically found a good account of Chocolate Mint (Mentha piperita) throughout its growth cycle. This beautiful fuzzy leafed geranium has a strong chocolate-y mint scent. It also has a lovely leaf that varigates during the cooler weather. The flowers are tiny and pink. It can be hung in baskets or put in large containers since it tends to cascade.

I live in a temperate climate, so it can be put directly into the soil of my garden, along with the other 'chocolate' plants.

I did mention this plant in my blog, but I love these photos. O.K. smelling chocolate is not the same as eating chocolate, but it's still fun!


PJ Parrish said...

Janet. Before I moved to a condo, I raised orchids. My fave was the Sharry Baby, Chocolate Oncidium. It smells just like fudge -- and is strongest at dusk. Yum.

~~louise~~ said...

I LOVE Chocolate Geraniums! I have about 10 assorted scented geraniums growing in PA but I don't want to get a Chocolate one until I'm there for GOOD!!!

Interesting post, Janet. Thanks for sharing...

Janet Rudolph said...

Louise, soon you'll be there for good and you can also get chocolate orchids!

Did you see the chocolate biscotti recipes? Yum!!!