Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chocolate Chocolate Pizza

I blogged about Chocolate Pizza the other day, but I was talking real pizza.. well sort of.. at least there was pizza dough. But if you don't want bread with your pizza, The Chocolate Pizza Company makes a mean all chocolate pizza (with toffee mixed in) that comes in a pizza box. You can order online.

Amore makes some great chocolate pizzas: 6" or 8" Peanut Butter Dreams Chocolate Pizza is composed of two chocolate layers with a layer of peanut butter in between and garnished with peanut butter morsels and white chocolate. Other flavors include Break-a-leg Chocolate Pizza, Smore Amore chocolate Pizza, Toffeelicious Chocolate pizza. Available from iBuyGourmet.com

Are you located in the UK? Try The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company. They have lots of gourmet toppings, such as Gone Nuts, Jellybeans, Heavenly Honeycomb (Belgian milk chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate covered honeycomb balls, vanilla fudge, milk chocolate curls to finish.) They also have Celebration pizzas, but their footballs are shaped like soccer balls. Yes, I know it's a different sport. National delivery to most UK mainland destinations. International Delivery, please contact them.

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yum! chocolate pizza looks delicious!!