Wednesday, October 24, 2018

COCOCLECTIC: a Craft Bean-to-Bar Club

I grew up with "Harry and David" -- fresh fruit that arrived monthly. I loved the individually wrapped pears that would come in January. Such a rare treat in the dead of winter. My Dad was a doctor, and his patients would 'gift' him a subscription to the Fruit of the Month Club every year. It was always something to look forward to.

Well now there's a great subscription service that is all about great artisan chocolate bars, delivered to your door once a month. Cococlectic craft Bean-to-Bar club is an exciting new chocolate monthly subscription club. Cococlectic's mission is to melt the gap between chocolate makers and aficianados. The Cococlectic folks find unique single original, handmade dark chocolate and deliver it to you each month. It's all about the bars! How fun and delicious is that?

I was lucky enough to have the first box sent to me as a gift. I love the chocolate box it came in - not fancy but back to basics allowing the chocolate to shine. The box I received was filled with Cello Chocolates chocolate bars with beans sourced from four different countries--Fiji, Trinadad, Peru, and Costa Rica. I did a little chocolate tasting of the four bars, and each was unique, with different flavors and unique mouthfeel. I loved all four, but my favorite was the Trinadad soaked in bourbon. I had never hear of Cello, and I was so glad to be introduced to them through Cococlectic. My recommendation is that if you like surprises and chocolate, subscribe to Cococlectic. Each month you will receive different curated bean-to-bar selections. You'll love this!

Cococlectic is a chocolate-of-the-month subscription club. They think outside the box, by searching out "local craft artisan chocolate makers, creating the most sublime, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates." And, by supporting craft chocolate makers, Cococlectic supports and fosters the growing artisanal chocolate-loving community and movement. It's a win-win for everyone.

None of the chocolates in their chocolate boxes contain any GMO ingredients (non-GMO). They use only all-natural, vegan, fair trade products, and are soy free, gluten free, dairy free and tree-nut free. The chocolate makers use 5 ingredients or less to make their bars; namely cocoa beans, cocoa butter and sugar.

Be sure and check out the Cococlectic website and blog for information on their Bean to Bar Club, Chocolate Makers of the Month, and Chocolate Tasting Classes. 

Disclaimer: I did receive the first box for free, but I was not persuaded to write about or endorse the program.

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