Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cream-filled Oreo Churros & Oreo Cookie Crumb/Sugar Topping

Oreos come in all kinds of flavors and varieties, but J&J Snack Foods announced yesterday that Oreo Churros will soon be available--in two different sizes: 10-inch sticks anda  smaller, bit sized version.

The new Oreo Churros are packed with cream filling and made from real Oreo pieces. The bite-sized churros will be sold in the frozen section of stores. Unfortunately the longer sticks will only be available at movie theatres and sporting events.

These are not the first Oreo Churros, but the others are 'dipping' versions: Traditional Churros, Double-Twisted, and Bites.

Another new product from J&J Snack Foods is OREO Cookie Crumb/Sugar Topping. They recommend using it for rolling your Oreo Churros in after heating.

Happy Hunting! Haven't seen them in any stores yet!

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Unknown said...

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!