Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cocoa-Heaven: Scrumptious Chocolate Blog

I love to take a tour around the web, and I'm always amazed (should I be?) at all the terrific chocolate blogs. Recently, Cocoa-Heaven, one of my favs, had a complete redesign of their blog--fabulous chocolate photos, reviews and news! Wanting to share this with you, I thought I'd go to the source, so I asked for a guest post. If you're a chocoholic --or just like chocolate-- you're going to love Cocoa-Heaven. Who wouldn't? Here's their mission: Cocoa-Heaven is dedicated to the love of chocolate candy. Also the obsession of. And the eating of.

Still Dying for Chocolate? You might wind up in Cocoa-Heaven
by Katie L. Fetting

Hello Dying for Chocolate aficionados!  Cocoa-Heaven, a Seattle-based blog celebrating all things chocolate, has recently updated its mold.  We welcome one and all to check out our new design, complete with cherubs, cherries and one incredible flying chocolate drop.

Just what kind of things do we cover on Cocoa-Heaven?  Some of the same amazingness as Dying for Chocolate, though with fewer tasty recipes for Red Carpet Red Velvet Popcorn Balls.  (And by fewer, we mean zero.)

Cocoa-Heaven was started by Elizabeth Marsten, a self-proclaimed chocoholic, in 2008.  Here, we eat chocolate, take pictures of chocolate, dream of chocolate and eat still more chocolate.  We also love it when people send us chocolate samples.  I mean, who wouldn’t?

Some of our most recent popular posts covered:
How to Make the World’s Best Gosh Darned Mug of Hot Cocoa
Make Your Own Chocolate Kit – Glee Gum
Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?

We’ve reviewed over 140 chocolates and continue to build on that number.  We were just sent a Fluffy Toffee Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar by Seattle Chocolates that I’m about to crack in to.  Be sure to keep an eye out for my insights…

At Cocoa-Heaven, our philosophy is that if more people took the time to appreciate the majestic tastiness of chocolate, there would be fewer wars.  And traffic violations.  And tube-tops.  But maybe that’s just us.

We’re always looking for the good, the bad and the ugly, so if you have some suggestions on chocolate you’d like Cocoa-Heaven to review, please let us know.

Many thanks to Dying for Chocolate for allowing us to post on their site about the redesign.  Chocolate-lovers of the world unite!

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