Tuesday, December 4, 2012

National Cookie Day: Chocolate PInwheel Cookies

Every day should be Cookie Day, but it's always nice to be reminded with an 'official' Cookie Day Holiday!  Today is National Cookie Day!

There are many types of cookies--Bar Cookies, Drop Cookies, Pressed Cookies, No-Bake Cookies, Molded Cookies, Rolled Cookies, Sandwich Cookies, Fried Cookies, but today I'm posting a recipe for one of my favorite type of Cookies: Refrigerator Cookies aka Icebox Cookies.

Refrigerator Cookies (icebox cookies) include a variety of cookie styles that require chilling. Very often, as in the case of the recipe below, the cookie dough is shaped into a log, so that when chilling is complete in the refrigerator, the dough is easily sliced and baked.

My most favorite Refrigerator Cookies are Pinwheel Cookies. My grandmother lived with us when I was growing up, and she was a terrific baker, so my mother didn't do a lot of baking. But she did make Pinwheel Cookies. I used to help her roll out the dough, and after it was cold, and the two doughs were put togehter, I got to cut them. How fun. So visual, too!

The following recipe for "Chocolate Pin Wheels" is from my copy of Baker's Famous Chocolate Recipes, 1936. I love vintage cookbooks and pamphlets. Note that cookie is spelled "cooky" in the cookbook!


~~louise~~ said...

Happy Cookie Day Janet!!! Thanks for sharing this recipe. I've actually made this recipe several times and let me tell you, they are!

Spencer said...

How awesome! I reckon I could eat about 100 of them!

Janet Rudolph said...

And, they're not too sweet..