Monday, April 18, 2011

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail: Easter Bunnies

I can't imagine Easter without a Chocolate Bunny. When I was growing up, my Uncle Victor ran a candy factory. I know, every little girl's dream. His factory made Chocolate Eggs, Chocolate Candy, and, of course, Easter Bunnies. My uncle's company actually made these beautiful and delicious treats for other companies to sell. Since it was a small factory and everything was hand-made, there were often 'seconds' and you know where those ended up. Yes, the small imperfections didn't mar the taste for me at all. So here are a few select Chocolate Bunnies hopping down the Bunny Trail to your Easter basket this year. 

Be sure to read last year's post about the history of Chocolate Bunnies.

Lindt Gold Bunny. I like the looks of this one and captured a few at Cost Plus, Safeway and CVS. It's a classic and be sure to check out last year's link to the history of the iconic Bunny!

Anything from Jacques Torres. I love their chocolate. New this year is the Running Rabbit, available in both milk or dark chocolate. 12 ounces. There's also the larger Running Rabbit at 2 1/2 pounds. That's a lot of chocolate. Be sure and check out their Backpack Bunny, Bunny Family, Cowboy Bunny and Bunny Peeps.

Vosges Bunnies: These are fabulous and they come in several exotic flavors. The bunnies are molded with waving rabbit ears. Barcelona Bunny (Hickory smoked almonds  with grey sea salt (45% milk chocolate). Amalfi Bunny (Lemon zest and pink peppercorns and white chocolate) The Orchid Vanilla Bunny is Tahitian vanilla bean with 62% dark chocolate and pink Himalyan salt. Toffee Bunny is one after my heart. I've never met a toffee I didn't like, and bunny shape? Well, of course.

Vosges' Mad Hare Orchestra. All five members of the Mad Hare Orchestra arrive together in solid 62% dark chocolate infused with Tahitian vanilla Bean. Each is individually wrapped in its own bag and tied with ribbon. Problem: They're so cute, I want to put them on the shelf.. I might just need to bite off an ear now and again. 

Speaking of retro, Christopher Norman Chocolates brings back his Racer Bunny. It's a hand-painted molded chocolate hollow bunny sitting in a woven convertible. Sooo cute. Who can eat this? There's also the Tractor Bunny and others. Great molds.

Martine's Chocolates has all kinds of lovely Bunnies, both sitting  (solid and hollow), Bunny Cartoon (solid), Bunny standing with Baskets and colored chocolate and Bunny standing with Marzipan Carrot.

See's Milk Chocolate Rabbit. A hollow, foil-covered Chocolate Bunny with a basket. 10 oz. There's also a small milk chocolate bunny in colored foil. These are a tradition, and they taste great.

New this year are Williams Sonoma's Bunny Smores. Each bunny-shaped treat has handcrafted, freshly baked graham crackers made with wildflower honey and Saigon cinnamon which are then dipped into milk or dark couverture chocolate. Sandwiched in between the two chocolate covered bunny shaped graham crackers is a handmade, handcut marshmallow made with Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. Each bunny smore is then embellished with a vanilla “cottontail”.

And now from the sublime to the ridiculous. Peeps are a tradition in our household. New the year are the Chocolate Mousse Marshmallow Bunnies.  There are also Chocolate Covered Peeps Rabbits that come individually packages. 

Apologies to all my chocolatier friends who provide fabulous chocolate bunnies at Easter. Couldn't get to them all, but welcome comments. Nice thing about a Blog is that I can add at any time.

And, the age-old question of what part of the Bunny do you eat first? With all the new Bunny shapes and molds, it's not an easy answer.

Love to hear about your favorite Chocolate Bunnies.

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