Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chocolate Fashion Show Paris

Paris was the place for more than chocolate hats last week. The Chocolate World Masters took place, but so did the 15th Annual Chocolate Fashion Show Paris. Ooh.. la... la...

The Salon du Chocolat Fashion Show featured models, TV hosts, actresses and singers wearing dresses made of or decorated with Chocolate.

Check out all the photos, here.


~~louise~~ said...

Oh my scrumptiousness!!! I mean the chocolate,!!!

Andy Jaysnovitch said...

I have been studying the health benefits of dark chocolate for some time, and while nobody will recommend it, several of the studies have used amounts as large as three and a half ounces, which has a marked effect on blood flow and general arterial health. The real problem is that the key is how much of the flavonoids are retained after the ... Read Morechocolate is processed, and this information is not available anywhere. The best chocolate from a nutrition standpoint is probably the Mars (Dove, etc.) products, but from a taste standpoint, they are not as exciting as some of the other chocolates. One interesting thing is that your arterial health is at its worst when you awaken until about 11 AM. So the first thing I eat every morning is some dark chocolate, but I doubt that the little bit I eat is enough to do much for blood flow. Though I know that the saturated fat in chocolate is not nearly as bad as other saturated fat, for me guilt still kicks in long before I get to the therapeutic dose. Sigh!