Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things to do with Ganache

What to do with left-over Chocolate Ganache? It freezes well (up to 3 months)), but be sure and dethaw before using. O.K., maybe you've already eaten it all.. but if you didn't.

1. Thin with half and half and use as chocolate fondue.

2. Reheat in double boiler to soften, add whipped cream and use as chocolate mousse.

3. Roll chilled ganache into balls, roll in cocoa. Instant truffles.

4. Use as filling in Homemade Oreo Cookies.

5. Use as icing on cake or cupcakes. Warm and beat in powdered sugar.

6. Use to coat strawberries. Dip in warm ganache. Allow to cool and serve.

7. Pour into tart cups, add a raspberry and instant chocolate raspberry tarts.

8. Just eat it!

Ganache is the French term for a smooth mixture of chopped chocolate and heavy cream. To make ganache, hot cream is poured over chopped chocolate and the mixture is stirred until smooth.

Like any other good chocolate based product, the taste and quality of the Ganache depends on the quality of chocolate you start with. Chocolate with a higher cocoa butter content will produce a ganache that is firmer than one made with a chocolate that has a low cocoa butter content. Chocolate with a velvety smooth texture will produce a ganache that is velvety smooth. The most important point to consider when choosing a chocolate for making ganache is whether you like the chocolate when you eat it.

There are so many Ganache Recipes out there. I don't have a favorite, but would love to hear if you do. Here's an Easy Ganache Recipe. I'm a purist, but many people add cognac or brandy to their recipes.

12 ounces good quality chocolate broken into pieces (I like Dagoba but there are lots of great chocolate brands)
2 cups heavy whipping cream
2 tablespoons unsalted butter

Place chocolate in a medium sized bowl. Heat cream over medium low heat until it just barely begins to boil. Remove from heat immediately. Do not over-heat! Pour hot cream over chocolate and let sit for about a minute. Stir mixture (gently) until chocolate is melted and blended with the cream. Add in the butter and combine. Do not beat the mixture.


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Hi Janet! Happy April:) I "borrowed" this link to include in an April Fool's post I did today.

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