Friday, May 29, 2009

Chocolate Cherry Pie...give me some

The other day was National Cherry Dessert Day, and I put together several different recipes of varying degrees of complexity. I made sure to mention that the recipes should only use fresh cherries.

Well, today Local Lemons, one of the best and most complete websites, subtitled "Living, Eating & Cooking from the bounty of the East Bay" has an incredible recipe for Chocolate Cherry Pie. This is indeed one of the most decadent chocolate cherry combinations I've seen in a long time. Using fresh ripe deep purple cherries, sweet agave nectar and rich dark chocolate from Dagoba with a butter pie crust, this is positively sinful. The directions and photos are outstanding.

Go to this site now. Don't wait! It's the perfect pie for the weekend!!!

Photo from Chocolate Cherry Pie on Local Lemons.

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