Monday, June 19, 2017

National Martini Day: Chocolate Martini Recipe Round-Up

Today is National Martini Day! There are so many different ways of making Chocolate Martinis--so many different flavors to add... and Shaken or Stirred? Here's a Chocolate Martini Recipe Round-Up. Let me know which one you prefer.

Chocolate Martini Recipe Round-Up

Chocolate Chocolate Martini

Murder on the Orient Expresso Martini

S'mores Martini

DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Martini

Chocolate Raspberry Martini

Starry Night Martini

Mexican Chocolate Martini

Kentucky Derby Pie Martini

White Chocolate Candy Corn Martini

White Chocolate Pumpkin Martini

Chocolate Pumpkin Martini

Bourbon Ball Martini


Bacon Chocolate Martini

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