Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grandma's Chocolate Bread Pudding: Vintage Ad & Recipe

The other day I posted a Chocolate Bread Pudding recipe that uses Hawaiian bread. It's certainly unique, easy to make and delicious. Of course I've posted recipes for  Chocolate Irish Soda Bread Pudding and Mystery Author Katherine Hall Page's Chocolate Bread Pudding.  Well, thought it might be time to post a "Vintage" Chocolate Bread Pudding recipe. I just love these vintage ads and recipes. You can always update the recipes, but the ads are "priceless."

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Anonymous said...

I have never had bread pudding but this sounds delicious! Of course I have never had a housekeeper other than my mother and my wife so that sounds good, too.

I could even sit down have a nice cool glass of milk and talk with my housekeeper while I enjoy the chocolate bread pudding.