Friday, November 19, 2010

Fall Chocolate Salon Awards

Loved all the Chocolate at the Fabulous Fall Chocolate Salon! Some of my new favorites were Choclatique's Root Beer Float and Socola's Chocolate Hazelnut truffle. Other favorites: Cocolux's Brown Sugar Brownie Truffle, Snake & Butterfly's Bacon Bar (you've got to try no other), Landru's Candied orange peel (covered in chocolate), Plumeria Flour's variety of Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies, Saratoga Chocolates' Vanilla Carmel Truffle, Vice Chocolates everything! I adored the hot chocolate from Amano, and I understand they will have a recipe on their site soon. Also tried a new Amano bar--love their bars! Coco Delice's new Sonoma Brut Champagne Truffle was exceptional. Looking for my notes, and I'll have reviews soon because I know I've forgotten some of my favorites. Definitely loved all the chocolates below.  Judging is always such a daunting task-- such fabulous chocolate, but someone's got to do it, so it might as well be me.

Also enjoyed meeting The Chocolate Addict (Kat Montgomery). Photo below. Great demo on Decorating with Chocolate. 

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The Chocolate Addict said...

Janet, we are SO marvelous are we not?

I agree Vice is awesome, I enjoyed Landru's candied orange peel as well and so many others, had a great time and loved meeting you ;)