Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chocolate Sampler: News, Reviews & More

The Chocolate Sampler is an occasional post with news and reviews for the Chocoholic.

So many holidays at once, and so much news in the Chocolate World. First, Happy Valentine's Day & Gung Hay Fat Choy. I've posted various recipes for both holidays, so be sure and check those out if you haven't decided on your chocolate celebration yet. Valentine's Day: HERE and HERE and HERE. Chinese New Year: HERE.

Valentine's Day Chocolate (and any time) in some leading places
  • Los Angeles: article reviews Compartes, Valerie Confections, Teuscher Confections in Beverly Hills (hi, Lola!), Happy Ending Chocolate, & Littlejohns. Go HERE.
  • Philadelphia and environs: go HERE.
  • Portland: Includes Alma Chocolates, Moonstruck, Cacao and others. (sweet shops/bakeries). Go HERE.
  • Dallas. Includes Sublime Chocolate, Cocoa Andre, The Cultured Cup and others. Read two articles HERE and HERE.
  • Tuscany: Chocolate Tours & Chocolatiers. Read HERE.
Review of 5 leading Organic Fair Trade Chocolate. Includes Taza, Seth Ellis, Askinosie, Theo Chocolate, Alter Eco Chocolate.
Read the review HERE.

More interested in old time candy bars and what has happened to them? The Wall Street Journal had a great article. Go HERE

More Chocolate Less Stress. But you knew that! Read Dr. Weil's Blog HERE.

Finally, for the Chocoholic who has it all: Chocolate Weapons.


~~louise~~ said...

Hi Janet, I forgot to ask, I kicked off Pancake Week today. Any chocolate pancakes in the works???

Janet Rudolph said...

Yes, for Mardi Gras.. maybe on Wednesday. I have two great recipes for tomorrow and Tuesday for Mardi Gras. Thanks for asking.

~~louise~~ said...

Great Janet, I just know they will all be delicious looking posts!!!

Monica Eve said...

Quite thrilled that I happened upon your blog. Another source of chocolate inspiration! Thank you for using your writing talents to tout the virtues of chocolate.

-Monica Erskine
Chocolate Goddess
Endangered Species Chocolate

Janet Rudolph said...

Monica, Love following you on Twitter. Terrific chocolate tweets.